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As a family run business based in Old Hatfield, Hertfordshire, Absolute Accountants serves clients across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex and North London and the surrounding areas - as well as much further afield. Our clients are mainly small business and individuals who need varying levels of support with their accounts and financial affairs. We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of businesses or individuals, and are always happy to discuss tailoring the services to meet your exact needs. Whatever the level of support you require, Absolute Accountants can provide the service to meet your needs. From completion of annual accounts and tax returns, to monthly bookkeeping and management accounts, to acting in an advisory capacity and as Finance Director with fully integrated involvement within your organisaiton, you will find our service offers value for money.

Letitia Hutt
Chartered Accountant

Absolute Accountants was established by Letitia Hutt, a Chartered Accountant with over ten years' experience including six years with one of the Big 4 accounting firms. Letitia has worked with a wide variety of organisations, including a range of small and large businesses, listed groups, charities and NHS organisations. Letitia has quickly established a strong reputation among her clients for delivering high quality services in a timely way. The real value-add comes in the form of business advisory input alongside the standard accountancy services.

Paul Hutt
Chartered Accountant

In the Summer of 2014, Letitia's husband Paul joined the business. Paul is also a Chartered Accountant who qualified with a Big 4 accounting firm, and has spent time in audit and advisory roles, for small businesses, listed groups and public sector organisations, as well as working in industry in a range of finance and performance related roles.


See below for a bit of background on the journey so far. Once you've read a bit more, contact us to discuss your needs and be part of the journey into the future.

Two careers begin

Having taken separate paths until this point, in September 2002 both Letitia and Paul embarked on a life-changing journey.  They both started working for the same Big 4 professional services firm as trainee accountants, working in Audit & Advisory services.  Clients spanned a whole range of sectors, from large international listed corporations, to small independent companies, with NHS, local authority and third sector organisations as well.  


Both Letitia and Paul qualified as Chartered Accountants in September 2005.  Exams were all passed first time and training contracts were swapped for fully fledged ACA contracts.  That means they now have almost 20 years combined post qualification experience - just dont tell them, in case it makes them feel old....

Career Break

Before getting too weighed down with responsibilities, Letitia and Paul took six month career breaks in 2006 to do some travelling.  Ask them more about it by all means, but only when you have a bit of time on your hands, as you're bound to be talking for some time...

An expanding team

In 2011 Letitia and Paul's son Luke was born.  While he can't yet be added to the payroll, it is no surprise with two accountants for parents that maths already seems to be his strongest subject.  That and the undoubted ability to win Mastermind with a specialist subject of Peppa Pig.

A new enterprise

Deciding to take on a new challenge now Luke was in pre-school for some of the working week, Letitia began working as a freelance accountant, taking on her first clients in 2013.  Pretty soon what was planned to be a small business to provide a dimension beyond todlers and toys grew to be more than expected. 

Taking the plunge

January 2014 saw Absolute Accoutants Ltd incorporated.  The continued growth of the business, and the clear demand that exists for a good, honest local firm of competent accountants and business advisors, meant that Paul took the decision to join Letitia in the business.  From Summer 2014 with both Letitia and Paul working to provide for their clients, things have gone from strength to strength. 


If you need an accountant with a refreshing straight-forward approach, contact Absolute Accountants now

About Us

Absolute Accountants is a family run company based in Old Hatfield, Hertfordshire.  We are Chartered Accountants who serve clients across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, North London and surrounding areas.  In fact, we have clients across the country, and would love to add you to the ever expanding list of clients finding out why we are one of the top rated accountants in 2015.  

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