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Absolute Accountants is a family run company based in Old Hatfield, Hertfordshire.  We are Chartered Accountants who serve clients across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, North London and surrounding areas.  In fact, we have clients across the country, and would love to add you to the ever expanding list of clients finding out why we are one of the top rated accountants in 2015.  

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That's true - and the kids will be a bit older so there's more chance of me persuading Mrs H that its a good idea!…
We'll keep you on our radar-we're moving into a new office at the start of August and will need some furniture....…
And if Cheshunt is closer to home,a group I'm involved in there has a visitor day on 5 July.Again,let me know if you want details #hertshour
My BNI group in Hatfield is having a visitor day 6 July.We have 30 members, and are expecting 30 visitors. Interested?Let me know #hertshour
Yep. And every year I say 'Next year, we're going!'..... #Hertshour
I love the idea of this! Perfect way to be able to try each new menu as it comes up! #Hertshour
As usual, any finance/accounts based questions in the next hour or so, just send them our way #hertshour
Happy Monday #hertshour!! We hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Your friendly local chartered accountants here.
Goodnight all - have a great week #hertshour
@oasisflowers11 @ClaireBoyles I know. There's a lot of sad stuff going on lately. But our little world is a happy o…